Social Media For Free People

Speak Freely

  • Welcome to Spreely, where the 1st Amendment is the community standard

    Spreely is a community where Individuals, regardless of their viewpoint or identity, can speak freely without fear of the 'thought police'.

  • Spreely members are respected partners, not 'users' who are constantly exploited

    Spreely believes that you have the right to freedom of expression, privacy and to not be exploited and abused. All personal data is kept confidential, and members can chose to opt out of being served ads and having their data collected. Our Community Guidelines are based on your God given rights, as enumerated in the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution. The only exception being overtly sexual content.

  • While Big Tech seeks to control their users, at Spreely, members control their experience

    Follow your family and friends as well as your favorite independent publishers, public figures, and brands. Rather than being at the whim of a top secret algorithm, Spreely users can build and save their own newsfeeds, ensuring you only see the posts that are most appealing to you. Creators can rest assured, knowing that if people want to see their content, Spreely will not get in their way.

  • Spreely provides financial rewards for being an active member of the community

    While time on other social sites is often referred to as having been 'wasted', time spent engaging in Spreely is an investment. Spreely rewards our members with credits and bonuses for being active in our community. These credits can be redeemed for enormous discounts on American made products or gifted to friends.