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A little paragraph on cider pressing from my blog from years ago.

Pressing a batch of apple cider with my press at a friends house. Hard to imagine we've sank so low this is practically illegal now, well to sell the cider anyway. I can remember pressing a big batch for some friends I got to know. We partied pretty regularly and they had a small orchard they ran on the side so we decided we'd make a batch of Apple Jack. We did it a few times over the years. Usually 30 or 40 gallons at a time in a plastic barrel, I don't know how the name came about but we called it "The Baby". The first batch we did I think it was a smaller barrel we filled it to full. Mikes wife called him at work a some days later in a panic because the barrel was foaming over the top. Another batch we did we thought it was done fermenting so some of it was bottled up. Unfortunately or Fortunately depending on how you look at it they found it wasn't done when some of the bottles started blowing up in the basement. The ones that weren't designed to take pressure anyway. Our first experiment with "Bubbly". GOOD TIMES!!

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