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These LIBTARDS should be forced (for own protection) to wear a scarlet "F" (for radical Feminist) so Men don't accidentally Violate them by saving their Lives (we certainly want to honor your wishes and never, ever, touch you in any way shape or form even if it means leaving you to Die). Rest assured, if this is your "thinking" then I don't want to Save your Life!

Joseph Lenard's Album: Wall Photos

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  • Joe s
    Joe s   ·  November 28, 2018
    Are you really that the fucking stupid no just let them die instead dizzy-eyed trollop
  • Sandra  Pierce
    Sandra Pierce   ·  November 28, 2018
    is she really that stupid. I hope no one in her family need it.
  • Jim Benn
    Jim Benn   ·  November 28, 2018
    Works for me. If I ever see her suffering. Or apparently dead, i’ll Just throw a sheet over her.

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