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BY INVITATION ONLY - VIRTUAL BOOK SIGNING EXCLUSIVE: All members will be invited to purchase an autographed copy of Juanita Broaddrick's book "YOU'D BETTER PUT SOME ICE ON THAT - How I survived being raped by Bill Clinton".  Click image or here; sign up for a Spreely account and click the LIKE button on The Pete Santilli Show page.  All Spreely members will receive a notification email with instructions on how to order their autographed copy! (NOTE: This exclusive offer is available in limited quantities and only until September 30th, 2018) . Watch the interview with Juanita Broadderick on The Pete Santilli Show

Pete Santilli's Album: Wall Photos

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  • Kymm Morrow
    Kymm Morrow   ·  October 5, 2018
    bought the book last week!
  • Leslie  Holker
    Leslie Holker   ·  September 23, 2018
    Yes Please Pete...send me an email. I'd love to buy two as well, but will settle for one if only one is allowed.
  • Kathi Bassillo
    Kathi Bassillo   ·  September 23, 2018
    Us also, send or post a link
    NANCY COOK   ·  September 23, 2018
    I want one but don't see a link to order.
  • Kathleen Newhardt
    Kathleen Newhardt   ·  September 22, 2018
    I will purchase 2 Pete! Send me an email! Thank you!
  • Leslie  Holker
    Leslie Holker   ·  September 22, 2018
    I want one, but can't figure out how to order the book.

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