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To be born again not from Fleshy ways but of spiritual. you have to accept Jesus as your savior and you must be baptized to gain the Holy Spirit that is the only way to be accepted into heaven. If you think that there is not a god then I ask of you to do 2 things if you are a person of seeking knowledge. Grab the holy bible read Revelations. Second ask yourself if the Universe was created by a big bang with all the elements that were created how was DNA created? Dna is a very complex design no explosion can create DNA. Life isn't an element or gas or liquid it is a creation from a great architect. Find Jesus seek him now before it is too late. ????????☝????

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  • dude bro sum guy
    dude bro sum guy   ·  Jun 19
    And of course not indulging in sinful ways. Better yourself. Sacrificing your needs your lust your pleasures will ultimately lead you to a better righteous path.

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