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  • Carl Thurston
    Carl Thurston   ·  August 8, 2019
    Perfect time to use an A10!
  • Charlie S
    Charlie S   ·  July 3, 2019
    Ha ha ha ha. Dumbass Democrats say we are being inhuman.... looks like a mighty long line wanting to get mistreated.
  • mervin hebert
    mervin hebert   ·  July 3, 2019
    soro's money at work!!!!!
  • Chief Mene
    Chief Mene   ·  July 3, 2019
    Clinton first,Bush a Continuer Obama a adder to these twos crap but it’s all Pres Trumps doings the others get to skate free. Your a complete ass in a Pink Pussy cap and a stinkin damn communist you don’t belong on Spreely as it’s for real...  more
  • Martin Kington
    Martin Kington   ·  July 3, 2019
    It went from 600 hundred a day to 5000 thousand this is no accident

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