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So true!

Will Johnson's Album: Wall Photos

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  • Beckey  Girard
    Beckey Girard   ·  Aug 16
    Sad but True. I've been telling people for at least 20 years that the Hina owns us. I didn't want to be right....
  • Judy Zwyghuizen
    Judy Zwyghuizen   ·  Jun 21
    It's called "TREASON" against his own people.
  • Judy Zwyghuizen
    Judy Zwyghuizen   ·  Jun 21
    China's puppet.
  • Patriotism Dawning
    Patriotism Dawning   ·  Jun 11
    Looks about right....
  • Paige  Valline
    Paige Valline   ·  Jun 11
  • G Richard
    G Richard   ·  Jun 11
    You can lead a vegetable to water, but this one is to stupid to...
    Oh, come on man

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