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  • Joseph Lenard
    Did the #SCOTUS just "fully" uphold #obaMOAcare in an absolute final Ruling (ending any/all further discussions/Rulings)?: NO...
    {full article (and join the discussion) at: ...  more
  • If you're in the Vegas area, come out and join us!
    Attention!! - Robison Tactical
  • It is almost to the point I do not even want to publish things like this anymore. It is so common, it does seem like it just grows pointless to report it. The only reason I do not pass over this topic is because I believe it is important to know the...  more
    Federal Grand Jury Returns Charges against Two Individuals for Covid-19 Fraud - M.Y. - Wright Publishing
  • Washington County Man Pleads Guilty to Distributing and Possessing Child Pornography - M.Y. - Wright Publishing
  • Ron Caouette
    It's quickly coming up on election season again.
    Yep, that's right, the midterms, which means the politicians will be coming around loving on you, telling you how much they do for you, how they care for you and ANY contribution helps their cause in...  more
  • Former Procurement Director at Broward Health Pleads Guilty to Bribery Conspiracy - M.Y. - Wright Publishing
  • Sioux Falls Woman Pleads Guilty in Federal Court to Making a Materially False Statement - M.Y. - Wright Publishing
  • Michael Wilson
  • Michael Wilson
    Las Vegas Woman Arrested And Charged With Illegally Exporting Goods To Iran - M.Y. - Wright Publishing
  • Michael Wilson
    Connecticut Man Pleads Guilty to Stolen Firearms Offenses and Making False Statements - M.Y. - Wright Publishing
  • Michael Wilson
    Armed Carjacker Sentenced to Over 20 Years as a Career Offender - M.Y. - Wright Publishing
  • Michael Wilson
    I may simply be finding more information on the subject, but it appears the number of massive drug busts increased over the last three months or so. I am trying to find that out, but the FBI is not a helpful source for crime information anymore. ...  more
    KCK Man Sentenced to 15 Years for Conspiracy to Distribute More Than 2,600 Kilos of Cocaine - M.Y. - Wright Publishing
  • Michael Wilson
    Beverly Hills Man Arrested on Federal Charges of Attempting to Hire Hitman to Murder One-Time Girlfriend Who Had Rebuffed Him - M.Y. - Wright Publishi