• I haven't heard the name Isaac Kappy for a while...Lin Wood say's he has the files Kappy was killed to surpress...
  • FRAUD ALERT: Analysis of 3,000 Counties Reveals Joe Biden Received 5.6% More Votes in Counties Using Dominion Voting Machines
  • paul marchand
    OK....CHALLENGE ! for evidence......the only digital voting machines I know of that had forensic tests were those in Antrim MI, which showed, as I recall, corruption of all or several.
    There seem to have been no other forensic analysis...  more
  • paul marchand
    POINT BLANK - if you don't understand the precarious position of whites in the US, you are plain blanking stupid
  • paul marchand
    Trump just pardoned lots of innocent people, including HEROES, that were RAILROADED by LEFTIST WASH DC kangaroo courts. It is a terrible indication of where the US is.
    With BidenHo it will be the norm. Esp with hate speech laws and many other new...  more
  • paul marchand
    Does Trump have to remain as Prez president?????
    What specific anti-american policies will be foisted upon us in a KamaHoJo admin?
    “Hate speech laws” aimed at whites? MORE reparations? More anti-white resource re-allocations? More giving to...  more
  • kim Holcomb
    Hi there
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