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  • Posted: Nov 14, 2020
  • Last Updated: Nov 14, 2020
  • Members: 2
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  • Category: Politics
  • Tags: #donald trump #American # conservative 
  • Location: Area 51, NM  - Get Directions
  • Description: This is a group for current and former Fascistbook "Conservative" members to post and discuss news and information that is censored or worse by the FB Gestapo. We are not radicals, we simply love our country, flag, anthem, military, police, God and President.

    We stand against censorship, a...  more

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  • Robert Fagiano-Gleason
    Robert Fagiano-Gleason   ·  November 24, 2020
    Im guilty! I HATE FKN FAKEBOOK! And normally as Republicans we just "turn the page" and move on, but it seemed like Fakebook was the only game in town!? Then you get so "dug in" because you have "friends" and "Everyone is doin it?" Change is looooong...  more
  • thomas cline
    thomas cline   ·  November 18, 2020
    How can I join your group?
  • Joe Kokomo
    Joe Kokomo   ·  November 17, 2020
    How can I join your group?
  • Don Wallace
    Don Wallace   ·  November 14, 2020
    Am i in the group? I'm not sure.

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