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  • Economy
    There doesn't appear to be any mention of any drone, or other military, bases here.
    And the countries concerned are obviously very happy with the returns from a 30 year relationship.
    Chinese FM concludes visit to five African nations with fruitful results - YouTube
  • Economy
    Laos about to grow.
    Infrastructure going into place to ensure it.
    Tunnel along China-Laos railway bored through - YouTube
  • Economy
    Badly needed infrastructure.
    What China supplies.
    Not drone bases.
    Major Algeria expressway, built by Chinese company opens to traffic - YouTube
  • Economy
    If Poland goes, the rest of the Visegrad Group will definitely follow.
    Hungary has been making these noises for a while.
    Slovakia and the Czech Republic desperately need recovery funding at present, but they can get that from elsewhere.
    Italy will see...  more
    Brexit news: EU was stunned when Poles issued warning: 'We are going in the UK's direction' - YouTube
  • Economy
    A look at the Russian situation:
    Putin: Russia’s 2020 GDP Fall Is 3.6%, Less Than In Leading EU States, USA And The UK With 9% Fall - YouTube
  • Economy
    About sums up the stupidity of Australia's political leadership:
  • Economy
    'Bye, 'Murika!
    I guess you should have dealt with things initially in the first place.
    'Absolutely tragic' | Hundreds of NYC protesters decry ban on indoor dining due to COVID - YouTube
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