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    A good look at the latest MagLev train development.
    LIVE: China rolls out "super bullet maglev" prototype with 620 km/h top speed - YouTube
  • Tech
    Soon, obviously, to be number one on the planet in this regard, also.
    As far as a superior service goes, with the number of high speed services, for both passengers and freight, already is number one.
    China builds over 4,000km of railway in 2020 - YouTube
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    The base level citizen will never be allowed access to a network of this type.
    It will be reserved for government only, `in the interests of national security'.
    The base level citizen will never be permitted 100% secure, end-to-end communication. It may...  more
    China realizes secure, stable quantum communication network spanning 4,600 km - YouTube
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    Artificial hearts now at a suitable standard.
    The Borg are not so far away now.
    Artificial heart implant patient discharged from hospital in SW China - YouTube
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    Chinese space endeavours are excelling, right now, and I don't see anything to slow them down.
    China's Tianwen-1 Mars Probe to Execute Brake - YouTube
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    Many more of these are needed.
    New waste-to-energy plant put into use in China's Xinjiang - YouTube
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    Over 600,000!
    Infrastructure wins any game the opposition impose.
    China to build over 600,000 new 5G stations in 2021 — RT Business News
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    Not a vaccine, please note, an _anti-dote_!
    Russia is developing world’s first Covid-19 antidote, preclinical studies show drug effectiveness of more than 99% — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union
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    The most efficient vaccine, so far, makes it's way further into south America.
    From Russia with vaccine | 'Sputnik V' departs from Moscow to Argentina - YouTube