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  • Posted On: Sep 18, 2018
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  • Description: The political/cultural values The Range promotes and the company values The Range Broadcasting, LLC. uphold are integrally based in the Judeo-Christian teaching of the Bible. If there is any conflict, the Bible supersedes any of our written values. Mission, values, and respect for our users come above any monetary reward. Making money by producing an excellent product for others to enjoy is an important part of our company, but if we compromise our mission and values or begin to focus on short-term gain over long-term reward, we ultimately fail. Core Company Values: Honesty, Respect & Excellence Each of these values should inform every piece of content we produce. Above all, we strive to be truthful, but do not mistake truthfulness for objectivity. The Range is first and foremost a political opinion and commentary blog, but we still require our contributors to opine based on the truth (e.g. socialism is a governing philosophy by which wealth is transferred from some individuals to others) or informed opinion (e.g. because of reasoned observations, it's clear societies based on socialism are less affluent than societies based on capitalism). One is fact; the other is informed opinion. Both are valid. We also want our content to respect our consumers and everyday Americans. We reserve the right to use absurdity or harsh criticism against those who would disrespect everyday Americans by manipulating or lying to them in order to create political power for themselves or for other selfish gains. The Range also intends its content to be creative. Every written piece, video, or graphic The Range publishes is meant to have a distinctly Range flair. That doesn’t mean we refuse any content that we didn’t produce ourselves. Instead it simply means that any content published by The Range should be similar in tone and style to what we normally create. To do what's described above in a world dominated by an increasingly liberal media, courage is a must. One of the beauties of The Range is that we can argue for what we believe is right, no matter how unpopular it is with the elites and the left. That means our content doesn't pull punches. We fear no special interests groups, whether they're on the left or in the establishment right. Finally, The Range's last core value is excellence. We believe in the Imago Dei idea of humanity, that each person is gifted with certain skills, traits, and attributes God wants us to use to help others and the world. We want every team member to hone those skills to their best of his abilities, so that we can provide a top-quality product to our audience.

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